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Vegan Olive Oil and Maple Quick Bread Recipe

Made with healthy whole grains and maple syrup, this easy vegan quick bread recipe is a delicious and energizing breakfast or snack. Layer on the jam, whipped honey, nut butter, or tahini for a double dose of flavor. (Got bread baking fever? Try whipping up these other homemade bread recipes[…]

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How to Grill Corn on the Cob

Here’s the best way to grill corn in the husk, shucked and foil-wrapped, with tips on how long to cook it and more. Corn is a summer staple that demands to be cooked in an equally summery state of mind: out of the kitchen, preferably over an open flame. Picked[…]

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7 Simple Ways to Reverse Prediabetes

Doable tweaks to your diet, movement and mindset that can improve insulin sensitivity. Your doctor broke news you didn’t want to hear: you have prediabetes, a condition where blood sugar is elevated, but not high enough to be considered type 2 diabetes. The thing is, with that info, you’re one[…]

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