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The Benefits of a Cookie Diet

For those of you unfamiliar with this diet, here are the basics: You eat around 6 specially designed cookies during the course of the day followed by a balanced, yet low-calorie dinner. The cookies contribute roughly 400 to 500 calories and the dinner around the same. The cookies are a[…]

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The Raw Food Diet: Is It Really Worth It?

Can going natural really cure diabetes? The role of natural foods and supplements continue to be debated among the diabetic community. For some, a raw food diet or green tea supplement plan can mean increased energy and stable glucose levels. However, critics believe the natural cure fad sends the wrong[…]

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7 Delicious, Healthy Dinners That Don’t

We tend to keep our recipes super simple, because we know how precious your time is. Now, we’re taking that one step further and sharing healthy dinner ideas…that don’t even require a recipe. These are the delicious, nutritious meals you can get on the table by basically just throwing a[…]

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